Separett Weekend 7010 Compost Toilet

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The Separett Weekend (aka Weekend 7010) waterless or dry compost toilet is the ideal model for people who want a compost loo that looks like an ordinary loo, but doesn’t cost the earth! And don’t be fooled by the name, the Weekend is suitable for daily use, 365 days a year in any climate!

Like the other Separett models, the Weekend is very simple to use and maintain – the only moving part is a small electrical ventilation fan. Installation requires you to connect the supplied 75mm diameter ventilation pipe and the 32mm diameter urine ‘out’ pipe (which can either lead to a soakaway pit, or to a urine collection system) – to make installation as easy as possible, it’s usually recommended to install against an outside wall.

From the users perspective, operation is simple – just sit on the toilet and do your ‘business’. Liquids are automatically separated due to the design of the bowl and sent down the urine collection pipe and solids go into the included collection bucket. It’s also helpful to pour a cup of water (maybe collected rainwater or ‘grey water’) down the urine collector to rinse it every once in a while – this will help prevent urine type odours building.

Separett Weekend possible vent positions

The Separett Weekend comes with a built-in fan (which should be run constantly) that effectively removes ALL odours and hastens the drying of the solids. The fan runs off 12 volts DC or 230v AC with the supplied adaptor and draws 2.5W/210mA. Separett’s 3 year guarantee covers any manufacturing defects (parts only).

So easy to use!

Unlike some compost toilets, the Separett Weekend requires NO cover materials – the user simply goes to the toilet just like a regular loo. Used toilet paper is put down the toilet (in the solids container) and that’s it – no flushing, no buttons to press, no sawdust to sprinkle! Unlike other compost toilets which require a cover material, the Weekend uses the ventilation fan to pull fresh air over the solids area, thereby drawing out any smells, and vents them to the outside to ensure the toilet area is odour-free and pleasant.

Why choose this product? If you want a compost toilet that looks good but has the minimum of parts (less parts = more reliable) this is ideal. The Weekend is also physically smaller (less depth) than the Separett Villa series and can therefore be fitted into a smaller space if required.

Separett Weekend installation requirements:

  • Electrical: The Separett Weekend contains a small ventilation fan that should be run continuously. Power for the fan can either come from a 12 volt battery or the supplied 230 volt > 12 volt adaptor. The fan draws 2.5 watts / 210mA at 12 volts – this should give 2 weeks continual use from a typical 100Ah battery, thereby making it ideal for off-grid installations powered by solar and/or wind.
  • Ventilation: The fan pushes air through a venting duct which comes out the back of toilet where it can either go directly outside through the wall, or it can go straight up and through the roof/ceiling, or out of the wall higher up. 40cm length of 75mm Ø pipe is included, along with vent cap and fly screen. We also sell 2 metre lengths of pipe, along with 90 degree bends etc if required.
  • Liquid Outlet: The urine outlet is on the rear of the unit and can be led to a domestic wastewater pipe, a soak-away or a holding tank. Please ensure you comply with any local codes regarding the disposal etc of urine.

Included accessories:

Most items are included to enable a standard installation. In addition to the toilet itself, you will also receive:

Vent pipe 40 cm length, 75 mm diameter, vent grid, cover plate, 90 ° elbow, vent cowl, two solid waste containers and 2 lids, 2 m white urine hose Ø32mm, silicone, mounting screws.

Separett Weekend specifications

Main body: Impact resitant polyethylene. Seat: High gloss polypropylene.
Inner Container: Container & lid: polypropylene. All materials recyclable.
Electrical:12V, 2.5W/210 mA DC (or supplied 230 volt AC to 12 volt DC adaptor).
Consumption: 0.06 kWh / day..
Connections: Battery Cable 1.9 m or AC adapter 12/230V.
Fan Noise: <31 dB (A).

Here’s a video we made which shows the basic functioning of the toilet and included accessories (correct at time of filming)…

Please note that the manufacturer may change the specifications, design and supplied accessories as part of continuous product improvement.

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