Versa-Vent II 12v Multi-Speed Fan for 50mm Vent Pipe

£65.00 inc. VAT

Multi-speed 12V fan that connects to 50mm vent pipe for odour and moisture control inside your compost toilet.


The addition of a ventilation fan for your compost toilet should completely eliminate all odours and in addition, will help to control the moisture levels inside the toilet. The fan is designed to be run continuously (although many people do switch it off at night for example). We still recommend the use of some cover material in addition to the fan as the cover will act as a visual barrier as well as improving the final compost mix.

If you order a Versa-Vent II at the same time as a Kildwick compost toilet, we’ll contact you to determine the best fitting position for your installation. If you are purchasing the fan for your own installation, mounting plate and screws are supplied. The fan has an integral stainless steel flyscreen.

The Versa-Vent II will require a 12V connection.

This Multi-Speed fan comes with a four-position switch giving

  • Off
  • Background. Only 50mA at 12V, for quiet, continuous operation
  • Medium. If the solids/liquids have become a little smellier or you run low on cover material then use this setting: 100mA at 12V
  • Boost: Increase volume to help clear a bathroom of ‘just-made’ smells or steam from shower etc.

In the ‘boost’ setting, we recommend having the toilet seat open to enable enough air to enter the toilet as standard vents cannot enable enough to pass through, which means the fan may labour slightly.

The Versa-Vent II connects to standard 50mm plastic pipe such as ‘PolyPipe’ which is available, along with fittings such as straight connectors and elbow joints at low cost in many DIY stores and builders merchants. Simply run the vent pipe from the toilet to the outside, ensuring rain cannot enter the pipe. Any odours will dissipate quickly within a metre or so of the exit.

A 240V AC to 12V DC adaptor is also available to enable the fan to run from the mains.

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