Waterseal Urine Waste Pipe Ø 32mm 1032-02

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Separett Part: 1032-02

Normally, there are no detectable odours coming up from the urine pipe on a Separett waterless compost toilet, however, if you share the soakaway pit or grey water drain with other inputs (such as a sink, bath or shower), you might get odours. In this case, we suggest fitting a ‘trap’ which will fill with some urine, acting as a ‘U bend’ and stopping any odours coming up.

Consists of a T-pipe Ø32-40 mm, U-bend pipe and 2 wall mounts.

White plastic construction.

Suitable for:

  • Separett Villa 9000
  • Separett Villa 9010
  • Separett Weekend


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